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How do the In Loco Media indoor location technology works? What’s the exact accuracy?

In Loco Indoor Location Tech uses the omnipresent signs in today’s society (such as wi-fi and inertial sensors available in modern mobile devices like the accelerometer and magnetometer) as sources to deduce the location of a mobile device indoors, with three to nine feet accuracy (IPSN: ACM / IEEE 2014).

To make it possible, In Loco Media uses in an incorporate way, from the user’s smartphone, the wi-fi sign processing, accelerometer and magnetic field:

In the device, the wi-fi sensor measures the routers’ sign strength, detecting the networks that are closer to the smartphone: every part of a location has a specific distribution of the sign power

The accelerometer is the movement sensor of the cell phone used to measure acceleration, detect and calculate vibrations. It allows the users movement and vibrations interpretation such as running, stepping stairs and even understand the kind of transportation that is being utilized.
The magnetic field sensor or magnetometer is inserted in most smartphones placed in market and allows intensity measurement, and direction of the magnetic fields near the user’s device.

Does the wi-fi need to be connected?

The device doesn’t need to be connected in a wi-fi network, it just has to be enabled by the user.

Is it necessary to setup any hardware?

No, the technology is 100% software based, there is no need to setup hardwares. Solutions like iBeacons add an installation cost and are limited to apps developed to communicate with them, that would make it impossible to create a network as big as ours.

Is the technology compatible with iOS and Android?

Yes, In Loco Media’s technology is compatible to apps both iOS and Android.

How do I get started?
Simply sign up on our platform and integrate our SDK. To know more visit our documentation.

Do I pay anything to use In Loco Media?
No, actually, we pay we you! The share for the publisher is around 60% to 80%.

Can I use In Loco with other Ad Networks?
Yes. We use Mediation to allow our partners to use other ad networks to increase their revenue.

I don’t use any mediation platform. Do I have to?
Not at all. But we incourage you to to use more than one platform throught a mediation system so you can maximize your revenue.

What Ad Formats are available?
We work with banners, interstitials, natives and push notifications.

Does In Loco Media only display geolocalized ads?
95% of the advertisment are geolocalized (non global).

The segmentation go from country (only Brazil users for example) to a certain stablishment (users inside Iguatemi Mall in São Paulo). We do that in order to guarantee quality in the deliver and put in use context to present action for the users.

How much revenue can I generate?
This depends on the app performance. The eCPM of your app will depend of your CTR and your impression so, better performance equals more money.

Is In Loco Media compliant with the Google Developer Policy?
In loco Media adheres to all guidelines required by the Google Developer Policy and the Play Store.

Where is my ad going to be shown?

Your ad is going to be exhibited in more than 600 In Loco Media partner apps installed in more than 50 million smartphones. The exhibition form depends on the formats chosen for the campaign.

How can I target my campaign?

Your campaigns can be targeted by country, state, city, neighborhood, street and, depending on your campaign objectives, specific establishments. Besides, the geolocation targeting can together with social and demographic profile informations, interests and device informations.

Do I need to have a physical establishment to advertise with In Loco Media?

No. You do not have to have a physical establishment to advertise with us. Even though it was developed to take people to a physical store, our advertising technology allows campaign creations for online companies that sell products and/or services, subscriptions and even app downloads.

Can I target my campaign for specific apps?

No. It is important to highlight that when you make a campaign based on behavior and location, you do not need to worry about targeting by apps. In Loco Media makes sure your ad is going to be delivered to your target group in the right place and time regardless of the app they are using. Besides, In Loco Media guarantees your ad is not going to show up to the user in a out-of-context situation. Example: A fast-food campaign will never show up in a diet app in our network.

Which metrics does In Loco Media have?

Besides online metrics such as clicks, impressions and CTR (click-through rate), In Loco Media delivers campaign results in the after-click that happened in the physical world.

Through visitor tracking, the advertiser can know what was the real impact its mobile campaign had in the offline world like physical visits, test-drives and the timing of these visits to physical stores.

What is the commercialization model of the campaigns?

In Loco Media sells campaigns through CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click) and CPN (cost per notification, only for the Push form). The model depends on your campaign objectives.

Does the user have to use one of the partner apps to receive the ad?

Depends on the chosen format. For display ads, like small banner, interstitial and native, it is necessary to use the app to be impacted. The Push form does not need the user to open the app, they just have to be on the campaign targeting area and have the app installed.

How can I make a campaign with In Loco Media?

To make a mobile ad campaign with In Loco Media is very easy! You just need to contact our crew for the proposal making. We are going to help you obtain the best results.

Which formats can I use in my campaign?

In Loco Media offers the main mobile advertising formats. Your campaigns can be published in the Small Banner, Interstitial, Native ads and Push Notification formats.

What is In Loco Media’s Viewability and how the validating click works?

In Loco Media considers an impression as “viewable” (one that had the opportunity to be seen) when: 50% of the ad pixels, or more, are in the user’s screen at least for one second, for display formats. This form is the same recommended by MRC (Media Rating Council) and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

To make sure a click is qualified as valid, In Loco Media only accounts the action if the user has the content open in their device for a at least three seconds after the click. If the user closes the ad content in less than three seconds it was probably a miss click case, which is filtered and automatically disregarded by In Loco Media’s adserver.