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What’s the key to app retention?

In the past few years, the mobile app developer community has been talking a lot about how retaining users is much better acquiring new ones. But what’s the key to app retention? Well, it appears to me you’re here to find out. So let’s go through what makes a good...

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Mediation: more revenue and power of choice

Despite the fact that mediation is a very popular tool between publishers around the world, some still resist on using it. Thinking about it, we have some reasons why mediation is an advantage. The power of mediation in your hands Monetizing apps with ads is becoming...

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The Future Is Here: Mobile Trends in 2017

Remember the Hoverboard from Back to the Future? Or The Jetsons house, all full of technology predictions from more than 50 years ago? It’s hard to know what comes next in terms of technology. You see, 4 years ago we did not have internet connection as fast as we have...

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