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Our History


The beginning

In Loco Indoor Location Tech appears in a student project from Federal University of Pernambuco’s IT Center for the “Development Project” discipline.


Porto Digital

Our Project joins the Porto Digital’s incubation program. Our startup sets up in one of the biggest brazilian technology centers.

Buscapé + Naspers

Buscapé Company/Naspers invests in the startup that starts to expand the operations to São Paulo.


First Contracts

We hire our first employees.

Geolocation ads

Our geolocation technology ads start to be developed.


In Loco Media is born

We release our new solution for advertising: In Loco Media.

Brazil’s biggest inventory

Our consolidation as Brazil’s biggest mobile inventory: 35 million users and 2 billion ad requests.

The most accurate technology in market

We achieve 4th place in Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition in Infrastructure-free Approaches category.


Start-up Academy: Cannes Lions Innovation

Between more than a hundred candidates, In Loco Media is elected one of the ten most promising startups in the world’s advertising market.

Brazil’s IAB

In Loco Media becomes a member in Brazil’s Interactive Advertising Bureau.

MMA The Smarties

Together with Ginga, In Loco Media is first place in MMA’s The Smarties Awards in Location Based and Lead Generation categories.


Oi Tela Viva Móvel Awards

Together with Iris São Paulo, In Loco Media conquers the Best Mobile Marketing Case in Oi TVM Awards.

Biggest Mobile Adnetwork in Brazil

In Loco Media’s network has 600+ partner apps and 50 million users audience in Brazil, generating 5 billion monthly impressions.

Cannes Lions Innovation

Our CEO and Co-founder André Ferraz is invited to be one of Cannes Lions Innovation speakers.

Our Founders

André Ferraz

CEO and co-founder

Denyson Messias

COO and co-founder

Alan Gomes

VP of engineering and co-founder

Lucas Queiroz

CFO and co-founder

Airton Sampaio

CTO and co-founder

Eduardo Martins

CMO and co-founder

Gabriel Falcone

VP of Mobile and co-founder

Júlio Rangel

UI/UX Designer and co-founder